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Anchor Hocking 4-Piece Reality Cooler Glassware Set
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on 6-14-2018.
Product Description

    • 18-oz. cooler glasses
    • Adds elegance to dinner table
    • Generous curved shape for comfortable grip
    • Set of 4
    • Weighted sham for stability
    • Made out of BPA-free material
    • Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe
  • 4pk 18oz glasses
  • Generous curved shape
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Reviews From Buyers
    When I first saw these glasses, I thought 'Wow, Anchor Hocking makes a sturdy product...they've never let me down before...and I like the look of these for everyday.' Boy was I wrong! I have had styrofoam cups that have lasted longer than this set. During the first week of use two of them broke in the warm dishwater after only having iced tea in them, and I even emptied the ice before putting them in the lukewarm water! So I dried the other two and stored them. That has been about 3 months ago, and upon taking the other two out just yesterday to use, I see that one of them has a crack on the bottom, leaving me with just one pitiful glass from this set! I stored these glasses in bubblewrap in an upright position, so where did that crack on the bottom of the glass come from?I am not at all happy with this purchase, but I guess I got my moneys worth out of them....what can I expect for $13.00 right?I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE GLASSES.!


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