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American Home by Yankee Candle Fresh Apple, 19 oz Large Jar
In stock at Walmart
on 10-16-2017.
Product Description

American Home by Yankee Candle Fresh Apple, 19 oz Large Jar:
  • 19 oz jar candle
  • Contains a Fresh Apple fragrance
  • 100% cotton wicks selected for this American Home by Yankee Candle
  • Provides a lasting, full fragrance from top to bottom
  • Made from the trusted name in fragrance
  • Use the 19 oz large jar candle with products containing a similar scent (sold separately) to enjoy the refreshing smell in many areas of the home
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • 19 oz jar candle
  • Fresh Apple fragrance
  • 100 percent cotton wicks selected for this candle
  • Reviews From Buyers
    I love candles. Good candles, are hard to find. I really like my candles to have a strong smell and when I walk in the room, where the candle is burning, I want to be able to really smell the candle. I have had a hard time finding good candles, in just a normal supermarket. I normally have to buy my candles at specialty stores or at the mall. So, I was pleasantly surprised, when I received this candle, in the mail. The packaging was well done, though there was a little bit of leakage, from the candle. I got the apple scented candle and the entire box smelled like baked apples, when I opened the box. It smelled so good. After I lit the candle, it took a couple of hours, before I actually could smell the candle. But once I could smell it, the smell was very pleasant and strong. Not overly powerful, but just right. The apple is a great smell and I put it in my kitchen and it filled my entire kitchen and dining room, with a very pleasant smell. After about five hours, I blew out the candle and I was happy to see that the wax had hardly gone down, at all. So, these are very long lasting. Overall, I am very pleased, with the candle.


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